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Our Way To Go

RISE (Rape Incest & Suicide Education) -Under Construction!


There's a brand upon my heart,

my soul, my mind...

I'm searching to let it go,

The label upon my wrist that reads: "HURTING"
There's a voice inside my mind speaking:GROW”


There's a presence over my body,
screaming pain over adolescence.

There's a sickness in my body,

caused by their touch…

There's a fear in my heart
that it will happen again.

There's an angel speaking deservance,

only a demon in disguise.


There's a little girl inside of me

that died so long ago.
There's a woman within me

that continues to whisper "LET GO"

There's a mother beside me,

my hand to hold...


 and the tears fall so soundly...

There's a witness inside of me

that tells a certain story.


There's a truth within my being,

This is our way to go…


Tomorrow’s mourning

 [c] Heather Anne Lykins

You are not alone!