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News Updates

RISE (Rape Incest & Suicide Education) -Under Construction!

This is where we will display news and updates.
The newest listings will go at the top of the page.
Please check back frequently!
Congress Passes Important Anti-Rape Legislation!
See more here:

I am ashamed and disgusted
that this is still happening.
We need to help put an end to human trafficking,
before it claims more lives!
CAUTION: The video below is graphic.
Prepare yourself before watching.
It does get the point across.
My blood boils!

NOTE: The woman in the video is an actress.
None of it is real.
But it DOES happen!
Please, sign the petition below.
You could save someone from
going through this torture!
Thank you.
Ragdoll Mender [alias]
Please read and sign the
Asylum From Rape petition below!
Jeanne Bassett has written a
press release for RISE!
Click the link on the home page
to read it!

Hi, everyone!
I just want to let you know
that our new theme
[non-exlusive] is dandelions,
and people blowing dandelion seeds,
as if wishing for a better life
and a better world.
We would love for everyone
that's able to take pictures
of themselves and/or friends and/or family
blowing [or holding] dandelions,
and making them their display picture
on myspace, to promote RISE!
If you don't have a myspace,
you can simply email us at
We will post the pictures
in a special folder
in our myspace pictures,
called "Wish Makers".
So if you want to do it,
please do! Thank you!
We are aware that dandelions
do not grow this time of year,
but we just wanted to give you all
the heads up, so you can start
taking pictures ASAP!

Palin makes rape victims pay for their rape exams!

Please, help us out!
We are fighting for tougher and longer sentences
for rapists and child rapists.
Just click on the photo below and follow the links
to sign the petition!
Signing will end on March 9th, 2009.
Thank you for your support! ~

Save The Innocence!

You are not alone!