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Incest Education

RISE (Rape Incest & Suicide Education) -Under Construction!


Sometimes, rape takes place within a family.

In ancient times,

sexual activity and even marriage

within families was common.

But these relationships can be dangerous

for the children they produce,

and anyone who rapes a family member

[or anyone for that matter] is sick and twisted.

It is NOT okay!


Family members are often trusted and loved,

and the victim may feel a need

to please and/or protect the rapist.

But rape within the family [or in any case]

needs to be reported.


In most cases of incest, the victim is a child,

and the rapist is the father, or an uncle or older brother.

 In this case, the child victim feels helpless,

and afraid of getting into trouble with her/his parents

if the rape is reported. 

The victim may also think, in naivety,

that what is happening is normal.

It is NOT.



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