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Undefiled [Through The Pale Door]

RISE (Rape Incest & Suicide Education) -Under Construction!

Shrivelled in the corner
Is she cold or is she warmer
in the dark all alone
This is what she calls home
Innocence defiled
Has she ever been a child?
She can't sleep at night
waiting for that crack of light
Stretched across the floor
from the open door
She dreads the monster coming in
His hand covers her mouth
as she breathes in
If she won't fight
she can't win
Afraid of the light
darkness is what she
puts her trust in
If she won't stand
she can't run
from the monster she now
seen in everyone
From the one
who stole her soul
before she
could take control
Now shes older
feeling older every day
And she grows colder
wishing for the strength
to run away
Black on her eyes
Black in her soul
There is a line
she never learned
how to control
So she lets him in
night after night
in the form of a different man
every time cuz she
never learned
how to let go
But open your hands
little girl
show the world
what you hide
And open your heart
little girl
show the world
And you will fight
You will win
Don't be afraid of the light
Don't be afraid of anything
And you will stand
You will run
like an ecstatic child
free and happy and wild

 [c] 2008 Kylie Mathison of Seeking Shade

You are not alone!