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Building A Katastrophe

RISE (Rape Incest & Suicide Education) -Under Construction!

Building A Katastrophe


If it would be alright, I would love to tell my story.

It happened a very long time ago, 13 years to be exact.

But I would love to share it.

It's nice to talk about it, to get it off of my chest.

The guy is still out there somewhere,

getting away with what he's done to me & several others.

I can only hope that he at least has some form of regret

for what he has done to me.

My mom, dad & I all lived in Ohio at the time.

My mother was gone playing Bingo with my aunt.

My father & uncle were out on the porch,

where they were supposed to be keeping an eye

 on my 2 cousins & me.

They were both like 6 years older

than I was at the time, which was three.

There was a neighbor boy playing with us.

We were playing hide & go seek in the house.

I don't remember his name, but he was 14,

obviously a very different age range here.

Anyway, when my mother got back,

she was changing my diaper,

& she found a pubic hair in my diaper,

& i was bleeding, my skin ripped.

The only person that could have been responsible for this

was the fourteen year old boy.

The only thing that anyone could think had happened

was that he snuck me off,

while the other kids were in their hiding spots.

My mother put the pubic hair in a zip-lock bag

and went immediately to the police.

They said that because the pubic hair was removed

from the scene that it couldn't be used as evidence.

As if we were going to leave it there or something.

They then brought the boy in, & kept questioning him

until he finally admitted to doing it.

They gave him 2 years of house arrest,

and if my older cousin would have testified,

then he would have gotten more,

because he had done the same thing

to her several times before.

It all came out at once.

Yet, she wouldn't.

So, he's still out there somewhere,

probably still raping little children.

Sometimes I sit and wonder

if he ever thinks about what he did,

or if he has little kids himself,

& if they're going through

the same thing he put me through.

When I turned 13 I was going through

some stuff at our house,

& I found a picture of a young boy

and one of my cousins...

The boy looked so familiar,

like I had known him my whole life, or something...

I immediately took the picture to my mother,

& oddly enough, it was him, of course.

I ripped it to shreds.

After that, I began having flashbacks.

 Not to mention all of the physical

damage that it has done to me.

I remember having to be in the hospital

for months at a time,

for having problems down there.

They wanted to take me from my mother,

because they thought that she was neglecting me,

which wasn't the case at all.

They didn't know I had been raped,

or that she had reported it in a different state.

It was awful.


Today he's 27, and I can bet anything

his life is probably better than mine.


- Miss Katastrophe
Building A Katastrophe

You are not alone!