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Unbreakable Grasp

RISE (Rape Incest & Suicide Education) -Under Construction!


The angels cried in heaven tonight.
I'm sure I heard them say,
a little bit of nothing
is such mystery”

A toddler girl

broken and sad
the angels gasped

the shattered glass
spoke unto her soul,
  punishment for nothing...

A simple mistake in time
 wouldn't cost the girl.
 Her laugh would echo in my mind.
She's wounded from the touch,

and unbreakable grasp.

 This shallow water would never drown her.
 Ache will reach adulthood.
A fine congratulation, at sweet 16
and imperfection

she has her to thank

as she speaks

her good riddance
to the offenders,
she has survived
without recognition…

 [c] Heather Anne Lykins

You are not alone!