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Victim/Survivor Test

RISE (Rape Incest & Suicide Education) -Under Construction!

1. When you feel cornered, you:
A. can't breathe, and may cry.
B. close your eyes and wait it out.
C. what's cornered? I love the attention.
2. When someone pursues you romantically, you:
A. act shy and usually decline.
B. tell them you'll think about it.
C. go for it. Why not?
3. When you have a flashback of bad things that have happened to you:
A. you can't breathe, feel dizzy, and dwell on it.
B. you take a deep breath and try to think about something else.
C. you shake it off. You've learned how to cope when it happens.
4. You tend to be more:
A. shy and reluctant.
B. cautious and curious.
C. happy and adventurous.
5. Your friends would describe you as:
A. always needing them to listen to your problems.
B. up and down. Never know what you're gonna do next.
C. fun and admirable, and a good counselor.

Mostly A's: You show signs of a victim. You still tend to dwell on what happened to you, and let it drag you down often. If you haven't shared your story, please do so ASAP. It helps to talk about what happened with someone who can help you get over it. You might also want to try some exercises, like shifting your focus to a certain random thing when ever you have flashbacks, or of course counseling. We would love to help you if you have questions or concerns, but please remember that most of us are not trained therapists, so you may want to seek the advice of someone more qualified. Other than that, just breathe! Move forward and RISE!
Mostly B's: You are half way there! You have come a long way from being a victim of what happened to you, but you still have a few things to work on before you truly can be a survivor. Whatever these few things are, you probably know them. Just dedicate a few minutes a day to letting go, and you should be fine.
Mostly C's: Congratulations, you are a survivor! You have gone through all the necessary steps to heal from the horror that happened to you, and you have even grown from it! You may want to consider counseling others who are going through what you went through. If you'd like to join the RISE team, please, let us know! On the other hand, it may be safer for you to avoid the issue, to keep from going back to that victim mentality. Stay strong, and keep rising!
NOTE: This test does not necessarily define who you are, and it is in no way a competition. It is just a way to see where you are in the healing process. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you might have. Keep rising!

You are not alone!