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Child Rape

RISE (Rape Incest & Suicide Education) -Under Construction!

This crime is the most horrible of them all.
It steals the innocence and self-esteem of children,
and shapes the way they spend sometimes
the rest of their lives.
Most survivors of child rape will tell you
that they would rather be dead than to live
all their lives as a victim.
While there IS healing for child rape, to an extent,
victims of this crime are always scarred for life.
We are horrified that most child rapists
[and rapists in general]
get minimal sentences, if any at all.
We have a petition called "Save The Innocence"
which asks government officials to
lengthen the sentences of rapists and child rapists.
The law thinks that if a person isn't physically dead
after an attack of rape, the perpetrator doesn't
deserve the death sentence.
But rape, especially when the victim is only a child,
IS murder. Of the soul, the mind, and the joy of the victim.
Children who are raped lose out on a normal childhood.
Although we fear child abuse and rape is becoming
more and more normal to people, especially in America.
And it SHOULDN'T be normal!
Please, sign our petition below.
The signing will end March 29th, 2009.
Thank you.

Save The Innocence!

You are not alone!