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Official Members

RISE (Rape Incest & Suicide Education) -Under Construction!

Our members are what make RISE what it is.


 Ragdoll Mender [alias]  

RM is the founder and president of RISE.

She has had too many close friends and relatives

suffer from rape and incest,

and has vowed to do whatever it takes to stop it.

Her code name comes not from an ability

to mend any person, but a desire to.

See her story "Mister Miracle".

She is an advocate and a survivor.


 Shade Nightwalker [alias]  

SN is the vice president and creative consultant for RISE.

He is disgusted at the horrible crimes of rape

and child abuse that go unnoticed.

He is a dedicated and trustworthy advocate.


 Miss Katastrophe [alias]  

MK suffered child rape

at the hands of a fourteen year old.

 See her story "Building A Katastrophe".

She is a survivor.


 Little Red [alias]  

LR has endured her family turning on her

because they didn't believe her

when she revealed her molester.

She has now vowed to step out no matter what they say,

and let her true story be told [see "Rag Doll"].

She is a survivor.


 Peace Maker [alias]

PM has lived through many forms of sexual abuse.

She is still on the long hard road to healing,

but has taken her first steps,

by deciding to join our team,

and share her story [coming soon].


 Mister Jebbers [alias]

MJ is horrified at the stories he has heard and read,

some from close friends of his,

and wants to do everything he can

to stop the spreading of these epidemics.

He is a promoter and advocate.




If you would like to be an official member of RISE,

please let us know.

You will need to help us on a regular basis,

and share your story, if you have one.

You will be given an alias,

so no one needs to know who you are.

Thank you, members, for your dedication!


 See our members' true stories below.


Mister Miracle

Building A Katastrophe

Rag Doll

You are not alone!